only have

5 min a day?

Then you have time for God

Have you ever thought,
"I don't have time today, but I'll be sure to read my Bible tomorrow."

But then tomorrow never actually comes?

Do you want to spend time with God, but just can't ever seem to get around to it?

Well, friend, that is about to change!

As a Believer, the Bible is where you will find encouragment, conviction, strength and comfort.

The Word of God is living and active.

Through it, you will experience transformation and learn to live your life for God's glory.

And God will speak to you through His Word BUT...

 you have to be listening to hear Him!

This simple, 5 minute a day devotional plan will help you to connect with God and make those minutes really count!

Hey , I'm Alison

If I asked  you the biggest reason you don't spend time with God consisitantly, what would say?

It is something like...

"Because I'm so busy!"

Friend, I get!! Because so am I and so is every other woman I know.

And I made the mistake of using that excuse...ahem, sorry, "reason" to put God on the back burner.

I mean, He wasn't going anywhere, right?

And there were so many other fires that I needed to put out each day that need my immediate attention!

But you want to know what I discovered?

Because I wasn't intentionally growing closer to God, I inevitably ended up further and further away from Him.

And that left me miserable!

But when I started making time for God consistently again, that was when everything changed! 

And slowly, day by day, drip by drip, my empty cup became full again.

This is exactly what I believe the 5 min a Day Devotional Plan will do for you as well.